What we do

Team Beauty was inspired by a group of women who joined forces to get out of the slump they were living in and motivate each other to get physical results, motivation & confidence.

We are all about enhancing beauty from the inside out: mind, body and soul. We are Women empowering each other to find the true meaning of Inner Beauty.

Team Beauty is powerful & unique. We have partnered up with Herbalife Nutrition to create effective results, we come together as a support group to make it fun & show you the steps to create a healthy active lifestyle. Mind. Body. Soul.


The Girls

Meet Your Coach

If you want a coach who can help you during the process to meet your 12 week Body Transformation and Weight loss goal. Please feel free to call me or stop by our Facility. I have 13+ years of experience and helped hundreds of people reach their goals; I personally lost 50 pounds in my first 12 weeks 13 years ago and I kept off for all this time.

Will be my pleasure helping you through your journey

Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon.

Dalia Ibarra

Dalia Ibarra